Aylea Stephens


Excellent, Young Adult, Sandy Hall, Love, Teen Romance, College, Chinese Food, Creative Writing

Document Type

Book Review


Lea and Gabe don’t talk to each other, but everyone thinks they are destined to be together. A squirrel, a bench, a Chinese food delivery man, a bus driver, a creative writing teacher, and other side characters describe shy Gabe and his terror of talking to Lea and Lea and how she’s confused by how Gabe acts sometimes. They’re in the same creative writing class, have the same order of Chinese food, and show up to the same places, but their terror and confusion about what the other one is thinking keeps preventing them from getting together. When Gabe decides to deal with some of his problems preventing him from being able to talk to Lea and other people, both of them have to decide if it is too late for them or just the right timing.