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Giants Beware!


Kiersten Carr


Outstanding, Intermediate, Jorge Agiurre, Rafael Rosado, Graphic Novel, Giants, Children, Quests, Fantasy

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Book Review


Claudette is an aspiring giant slayer who wants to be just like her dad, a retired adventurer and swordsmith. The only problem is that she lives in a nice, safe town where giants are only stories. Determined to make her dream a reality, Claudette convinces her friend Marie, an aspiring princess, and her little brother, Gaston, who wants to be a swordmaker-slash-pastry chef, to sneak out of the city with her and go find a giant. Along with their faithful dog, Valiant, and with most of the town chasing after them, the three children encounter a crabby witch and her sentient apple tree, the Mad River King and his son, and finally a baby giant! After making friends with the object of their quest, Claudette and her friends decide to protect the baby giant from the angry townsfolk by making it appear that they have slain a giant just like in the stories. Claudette is hailed as a giant slayer and everyone returns home satisfied, having been on an excellent adventure and learning that it is best to solve conflicts without violence.