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Kati Penovich


Excellent, Preschool, Primary, Aaron Reynolds, David Barneda, Robots, Snow, Snow Day, Picture Book

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Book Review


Who would have thought that robot children love snow days just as much as human children do? Snowbots describes the excitement of the robot children of Clackentown when, on their way to school, they discover that a blizzard has rolled in and classes are cancelled. Despite their mechanical parts and metal joints, the robot kids make the most of the snow day by going sledding, making snow angels, building snow forts, and throwing snowballs. But their fun comes to a grinding halt when an icy wind blows in and shorts their batteries! Luckily, robot parents are nearby to bring them safely home and thaw them out with delicious cocoa spiked with axle grease. After a hot oil bath, the robot children hop into bed, plug themselves in, and dream of another snow day.