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Snowy Bear


Ariel Woodbury


Excellent, Preschool, Tony Mitton, Alison Brown, Bears, Snow, Cold, Winter, Friendship, Loneliness, Picture Book

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Book Review


Snowy Bear is all alone out in the snow. He has no place to get away from the cold. He finds a hole that looks dark and dry, but a family of foxes lives there and there isn't any room for Snowy Bear. Then he spots a warm cozy hole in a tree and climbs up to it, but an owl family lives there and they don't have room for Snowy Bear either. So Snowy Bear keeps walking through the cold to look for a home. He sees a small farmhouse with a warm fire inside so he peeks in the door and finds a lonely little girl. Finally, Snowy Bear has found a home. And a friend.