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Swords of Joseph


Lisa Packard


Outstanding, Young Adult, M.R. Durbin, Faith, Trust, Quests, Journey, Prophecy, Betrayal, Secrets

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Book Review


Joshua and Caleb want to be free, but Pharaoh will not let the Israelites go. Moses insists he must because God has declared it. There is a prophecy about the bones of Joseph leading Israel out of Egypt. Moses sends Joshua, Caleb, and Gaddi on a quest to recover the bones and fulfill the prophecy. Joshua struggles to complete this task, but Caleb helps him find the faith he needs. While they are out on their quest, Moses brings about the plagues against Pharaoh so the Israelites will be let go. The priests of Pharaoh come up with a plan to sacrifice two virgins to stop the plagues, but also to insert a spy into Joshua's quest. Unfortunately, plans don't always go as you wish and Joshua picks up a spy, Liraz, and Ari'ela, a Hebrew. As Joshua and his friends follow the clues to Joseph's bones, the Egyptian soldiers are right behind. Joshua and Caleb realize there is a spy with them and come up with a plan to expose them. Joshua finds the bones of Joseph, along with a fake set and realizes that this could help him expose the spy. When Joshua returns to Egypt with the bones of Joseph, Liraz exposes herself as the spy. However, the bones of Joseph are already in Egypt and the Israelites are free to leave. Joshua and his friends triumph by following in faith.