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On the Road to Find Out


Abigail Packard


Dependable, Young Adult, Rachel Toor, Coming Of Age, High School, Running, Funny, Self Discovery

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Book Review


On the Road to Find Out is a comical, upbeat coming of age story, particularly perfect for high school juniors and seniors that are just learning to make their way into the after-high-school scene. Alice Davis just wants to go to Yale. She’s the top student at her high school and Yale is the only college that she applied for. But when she gets rejected in the admissions process, Alice is at a loss and spirals into a whirlpool of self-doubt and self-pity. With the help of her overly enthusiastic mother and her best friend, Alice picks up running as a New Year’s resolution. And running opens up many doors to new people and new ideas. Soon Alice learns that being smart isn’t the only thing that matters and that there are as many routes for a high school graduate as there are for a runner.