Liz Kazandzhy


Excellent, Primary, Herman Parish, Lynne Avril, Nature, Humor, Language

Document Type

Book Review


Amelia Bedelia’s class is taking a field trip out into nature. After seeing all sorts of interesting plants and animals, the class stops to have lunch by the stream. When Amelia Bedelia misunderstands the teacher’s comment, “Let’s go, Wade!” she rushes into the stream to wade, and soon the whole class joins her in the fun. During the hike, each student is expected to find something for the nature table back at the school. Amelia Bedelia’s classmates all find things relatively quickly, but she searches far and wide for her own item. At first she gathers leaves, but when a fellow classmate scares her and the leaves go everywhere, she ends up finding a caterpillar instead. Back at the nature table, the caterpillar becomes the star of the show and soon a butterfly too!