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Harry Potter and the Sacred Text is a website designed to share podcasts and other information that centers on reading the Harry Potter books as if they were sacred texts. The producers, Vanessa Zoltan and Casper ter Kuile, define reading the books as sacred texts in three different ways: trusting the texts, reading the texts with rigor and ritual, and reading the texts within a community setting. Zoltan and ter Kuile post a podcast once a week. Each podcast centers around one chapter from the books which they discuss in chronological order. They discuss each chapter with a specific theme in mind assigned the week before. They both give a thirty second recap of the chapter and then discuss the chapter with the theme acting as a lense with which to view the events and characters of the chapter. They then use a sacred practice like lectio divina, havruta, or Ignacian spirituality to discuss the chapter further. They conclude with giving blessings to one of the characters from that specific chapter and sometimes a voicemail from a listener.