Liz Kazandzhy


Excellent, Primary, Herman Parish, Lynne Avril, Superstition, Humor, Language

Document Type

Book Review


When Amelia Bedelia breaks a mirror, she’s a little disappointed but thinks nothing more of it. That is, until she gets to school and her friends tell her that breaking a mirror is bad luck! Worse than that, it’s Friday the Thirteenth, which means even more bad luck! Her trusty friends enlist in helping her get her luck back by searching the playground for items like four-leaf clovers and a rabbit’s foot. When that fails, Amelia tries to make her own luck by drawing pictures of lucky things. When her teacher sees, it prompts a fun and informative classroom discussion about superstition. On her way home, her newfound knowledge that superstitions aren’t real is tested when she purposely steps on a crack and soon becomes worried about her mother’s back when she sees an ambulance in front of her house. But just her luck, everything is just fine!