Liz Kazandzhy


Excellent, Primary, Herman Parish, Lynne Avril, Birds, Humor, Language

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Book Review


Amelia Bedelia loves playing on her swing set in the backyard as part of her daily routine. But before she knows it, there’s a big problem—robins are building a nest right on top of the slide! At first, Amelia Bedelia wants to get rid of the nest and scare the birds away, but when her mom explains there could soon be a little bird family, she decides it’d be better to wait and see what happens. She even gathers twigs, leaves, grass, felt, and yarn to assist the birds with their nest-building. As expected, the birds rebuild their nest and watch over it protectively for weeks. Soon there are eggs and then little baby birds! Instead of playing on the swing set, Amelia Bedelia begins a new routine of watching these four birds grow up, and even though it is sad to see them eventually leave the nest and fly away, it was a wonderful learning experience which she then shared with her friends at school.