Ashley Roggow


Outstanding, Primary, Intermediate, Young Adult, Jeff Kinney, Humor, School, Comics

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Book Review


When Greg goes back to school and signs up to be a homework buddy, instead of helping someone else do their homework, he finds someone to do his. But, he does it too well and Greg gets put in harder classes! Meanwhile, Greg's grandpa moves in with them when he can't afford the rent at the retirement home anymore. His grandpa and his girlfriend break up and he sets up an online dating profile and later throws a party. When Greg was bored one day, his dad tells him and his friend to set up a stand and sell lemonade to make money. Greg thinks it's a good idea...except that they don't know how to make lemonade. Then grandpa and Greg go for a drive and Greg accidentally wrecks the car into a ditch. He decides to go to camp to get away from his father. While at camp, Greg finds his Grandpa's book that has a lot of information about camping and cool stuff. Greg's story is fun and entertaining and full of mishaps. It's a perfectly relatable story for any boy.