Cynthia Frazier


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Eric Walters, Neighbors, Survival, Community, Adventure, Dystopian World, Society, Morality

Document Type

Book Review


In this second book of The Rule of Three series, the people of Eden Mills are now 66 days into a world-wide blackout. The community continues to work together using their strengths and abilities to create a society that is as normal as possible in a dystopian situation. Herb the survival leader reveals a secret past that explains his knowledge and preparedness in the face of catastrophe. Sixteen-year-old Adam’s most important contribution to the safety of the neighborhood is his ability to fly reconnaissance in his ultra-light plane which allows advanced warning of dangers. But mysterious and troubling deaths and fires outside the walls create anxiety and fear within. It is becoming apparent that a key and trusted member of the group may be a traitor.