Article Title

The Rule of Three


Cynthia Frazier


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Eric Walters, Catastrophe, Neighbors, Survival, Community, Adventure

Document Type

Book Review


When the lights went out in Adam Daley’s high school it wasn’t an ordinary power failure. As time went on it became apparent that any machine or service that relied on a computer for operation no longer functioned. The local police department, the survivalist neighbor next door, and the ability of a teenage boy to pilot an ultralight plane are the foundation of a plan for the safety and survival of 1600 people living in the Eden Mills neighborhood. Using the Rule of Three: you can live without air for three minutes, without water for three days, and without food for three weeks, neighbors worked together to provide the essentials to survive. However, desperately hungry people, lawless mobs, and organized criminals threaten to destroy everything they have worked so hard to achieve.