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Curious George


Amanda Durrant


Excellent, Toddler, Preschool, Will Ferrell, Drew Barrymore, David Cross, Matthew O'Callaghan, Ron Howard, Universal Studios, Curious George, Monkey, Animated, G

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Movie Review


In this Curious George movie, we are introduced to Ted, a guide at a museum (who we learn is the man in the yellow hat). He is on a mission to save the museum by finding the forty foot tall lost shrine of Zagawa in the African jungle, but his plans are being thwarted by the museum owner's son. Ted goes to Africa and finds a small red statue that he thinks is the shrine, and meets a curious little monkey who loves playing peekaboo with Ted. When Ted talks to the museum director, the size of the shrine is blown out of proportion and Ted gets on a ship back to the America to deliver his discovery to the museum. The little monkey has grown fond of Ted and stows away on the boat. During the unveiling at the museum the monkey causes chaos and Ted allows animal control to take the monkey. Ted realizes he made a mistake and goes after the monkey. On board the ship back to Africa, the monkey figures out that the small shrine is actually a map the the large lost shrine. The monkey and Ted find the lost shrine of Zagawa in Africa. He keeps the curious monkey and names him George.