Abigail Packard


Outstanding, Preschool, Primary, Intermediate, Young Adult, William Joyce, Joe Bluhm, Books, Reading, Storytelling

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Book Review


Mr. Morris Lessmore is an avid reader and writer. But his peaceful, book-filled life is interrupted by a tragic storm that whisks him and his books away. His colorful life becomes a dreary, black and white shell of what it used to be. But one day he sees a young woman flying away with a handful of strings attached to flying books. She sees him and sends him one of her favorite books to cheer him up. He becomes fast friends with the book and meets many other books in a building where they all “nest.” Morris takes care of the books and helps other people find good stories to brighten their day. And he begins to write his own story once more. Years pass and he becomes too old to care for the books any longer. Finally, he finishes his own story and then leaves, flying away with a handful of strings attached to the flying books. The book he wrote is picked up by a girl and another story begins “with the opening of a book.”