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A Hundred Horses


Cynthia Frazier


Outstanding, Primary, Intermediate, Young Adult, Sarah Lean, Horses, Farms, Animals, England, Friendship, Cousins, Mystery

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Book Review


Eleven year old Nell leads a very busy life full of classes and clubs that she hates. Now she is being forced to spend her spring break in the country with an aunt she can’t remember and two small cousins she doesn’t even want to get to know. On top of that, a suitcase containing a special project has been stolen by someone riding a big black and white horse. Somewhere between Maggie the pig having piglets, rescuing flying chickens, and tracking down a missing goat Nell meets an unlikely friend in a girl named Angel. People say that Angel tells lies and steals but Nell listens as Angel recounts a local legend about 99 special horses and what happens when the 100th horse is born. Nell sees that Angel is the one who really cares about animals in trouble and who is trying very hard to bring magic back to the farm she loves.