Excellent, Young Adult, Amy Ewing, Teen Romance, Royalty, Coming Of Age

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Book Review


The Jewel is the first book in Amy Ewing’s The Lone City series. Violet is a young teenage girl who has been groomed to serve a specific purpose. Violet, and many other girls like her are sold off to be surrogates for royalty. These girls are chosen because they possess a specific power called the auguries. The auguries allow the girls to change or create something--like a child. Violet is bought by the Duchess of the Lake who wants Violet to use her strength in the augury of growth to create a child in record time. Meanwhile, Violet is struggling with her attraction to Ash, a young man brought in to be a companion to the niece of the Duchess, as well as a plot to escape the harsh cruelty of the Jewel. Book one in this intriguing series ends with Violet giving up her chance at freedom to save her friend, fellow surrogate Raven, and being caught with Ash, thus committing treason against the Jewel.