Torin Kelley


Excellent, Young Adult, D.J. MacHale, Adventure, Traveling

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Book Review


Bobby Pendragon is a Traveler. He hops between worlds that most do not even know exist. His mission: to stop Saint Dane from driving these territories toward chaos and destruction. This time Pendragon finds himself on the territory Zadaa, home of his fellow traveler and friend Loor. Two of the tribes of this territory, the Batu and the Rokador are about to go to war over a lack of water, which could lead to the destruction of everyone. Bobby doesn't start well and gets beat up by Saint Dane. Afterwards he decides that it would be a good idea to learn how to fight, so he trains with Loor and Alder (another traveler). After learning to fight, Bobby has to penetrate the underground city of the Rokador to discover exactly what Saint Dane's plan really is. He discovers that the Rokador plan to bait the Batu underground, trap them, and flood the tunnels. However, Bobby triggers the flood prematurely in an attempt to get the two tribes to work together and escapes to the surface where he finds a new river forming from the flood waters.