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Caddy's World


Cynthia Frazier


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Hilary McKay, Family, Siblings, Friendship, Growing Up, Parents, Rivalry, Humor, Boyfriend, Neighbors, Children

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Book Review


Caddy and her three friends Alison, Ruby, and Beth have been inseparable since the first day of school when they were five. Now they are twelve and each is dealing with her own challenges that include a new baby sister born too early, moving to another country far away, going to a new school where she knows no one, and growing taller, bigger and faster than everyone else her age. On top of all these complications, Dingbat, their communal boyfriend has decided to dump three of them and focus on only one of the four girls. How each of them deals with life’s changes makes for a hilarious and poignant story that will have you sighing in sympathy one moment and laughing out loud the next.