Ashley Roggow


Excellent, Primary, Intermediate, Children, Journal, Nonfiction, Activity Books

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Book Review


This book is a journal or review book for kids and the books they read. Reading is fun, but sometimes children do not get the full reading comprehension just from reading. By learning to retell the story or discuss it, kids can better understand each story and develop their critical thinking skills by keeping a diary of books they've read and to write reviews of each one. At the beginning is a note to the parents where it describes the book, it's purpose, and it's benefits. The book also includes a list of twenty books it recommends that children read before the age of eleven. On the list are a mix of classic and modern fiction books for children, including Charlotte's Web, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Robinson Cruse, and The Adventures of Captain Underpants, and sixteen more. There are fifty-two book journal entry sections. Each journal entry is two pages long. The entries include space to write down the name of the book, author, as well as other spaces where it asks questions and prompts: what they liked about the book, what surprised them, new words they learned, a new title they make up for it, write a letter to the author, and review the book