Article Title

The False Prince


Abigail Packard


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Jennifer Nielsen, Orphans, Princes, Intrigue, Traitor

Document Type

Book Review


Sage insists that he wants nothing to do with becoming Carthya’s missing prince when he is taken from the orphanage by Conner, a nobleman of the court. However, Sage quickly becomes entangled in Conner’s plan to train the four boys he's taken and then choose one to pose as the lost Prince Jaron to take the throne after the murder of the king, queen, and crown prince. Sage and the other boys undergo a rigorous two weeks of classes and information, intrigue and competition in hopes of becoming the prince of Conner’s plan. But Sage has his own plan; at the culmination of the two weeks and in a huge twist we discover that Sage is in fact the lost prince himself (Prince Jaron) who has been posing as an orphan for the last four years. Sage, or rather Jaron, takes his rightful place as the king of Carthya and topples Conner’s traitorous plan to the ground.