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Journey #3: Return


Abigail Packard


Outstanding, Toddler, Preschool, Primary, Aaron Becker, Imagination, Creativity, Wonder, Family, Friendship, No Words, Picture Book

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Book Review


Return is the third and final installment in the magnificent trilogy that began with Journey and Quest. The girl has returned from her quest with the boy. A red kite floats up to her father’s office and catches his eye. He goes to his daughter’s room and discovers the red door that leads to the magical kingdom. After following the girl into the magical world, he confronts her and she refuses to go with him. The evil emperor returns with his soldiers and steals four of the magic crayons. The boy, the girl, and her father escape with the purple and red crayon. The boy is captured and the girl and her father fall from the sky into the sea. The girl draws a submarine and they escape to a cave. They figure out a way to get the magic crayons back and the father uses his own brown crayon to set a trap for the emperor. Together they get the magic crayons back and free all of the captured colorful creations. The father and the girl return home and play with each other outside in a world that’s no longer as dreary and lonely as it was in Journey.