Cynthia Frazier


Dependable, Intermediate, Young Adult, Madeleine Roux, Horror, Insane Asylum, Medical Experiments, Mystery

Document Type

Book Review


The year is 1968. Ricky Desmond, sixteen years old, has been institutionalized after being treated in several facilities for his anger issues and homosexual tendencies. This time, however, he is admitted into Brookline. Things are different at this asylum and he finds that he can’t charm himself out of this place like he had the others. Terrible things are happening at Brookline. The Warden is a monster, people disappear, and others are ‘cured’ with awful operations and procedures. Ricky’s only friend Kay is subjected to shock treatments to treat transgender inclinations and Ricky himself is drugged, starved, and hypnotized to a zombie state. When he arrived at the asylum, he knew his mother would come to get him. Now, realizing that is not going to happen, Ricky decides that escape is the only answer.