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Gryphons Aren't So Great


Olivia Hales


Excellent, Preschool, Primary, James Sturm, Andrew Arnold, Alexis Frederick-Frost, Knights, Horses, Fantasy, Cartoons, Comics, Graphic Novel, Adventure, Flying, Friendship

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Book Review


Knight and his horse Edward spend their days leaping from the cliffs and diving into the lake in mock flight. But one day, Knight spots a gryphon and sets out to find him. Knight meets the gryphon (whom he dubs Griffy) in the forest, and takes off in real flight for the first time. Pretty soon, Edward finds he’s been replaced as Knight’s best friend by Griffy, since Knight and Griffy now spend all their time flying together. The next day as they are swooping about, Knight urges Griffy to fly as high as he can. But Knight starts to feel sick. He asks Griffy to take him home when they meet another gryphon in the air. Instead of going back to the castle, Griffy starts racing through the sky with the other gryphon. Knight falls off and Edward leaps into the air to save him. Together, they tumble into the lake, where Knight apologizes to Edward. Minutes later, they’re best friends again.