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Chicken in Space


Lori Cunningham


Outstanding, Preschool, Adam Lehrhaupt, Shahar Kober, Chickens, Animals, Space, Picture Book

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Book Review


Zoey an adventurous chicken and her best friend Sam, the pie loving pig, take you on amazing journey through the power of imagination. Zoey, determined to make her voyage into space, formulates a plan with her sidekick Sam to explore the great skies above. Throughout the book her other farmyard friends have doubts, but Zoey and Sam are determined to find a way and turn their problems into an opportunity. Zoey and Sam make everyday items into something extraordinary: a spaceship, asteroids, comets, and more. Once back at the barnyard, Sam--still hoping for pie--tells all their friends of the adventure he and Zoey shared. Capturing each and everyone with stories of “space.”