Jess Verzello


Outstanding, Primary, Intermediate, Polly Faber, Clara Vulliamy, Friendship, Adventure, Tapir

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Book Review


Mango Allsorts is a girl who can do lots of things. She’s confident, kind, and capable. Mango lives with her very busy father in a very busy city, and even though she tries to be very busy herself, sometimes she feels lonely. That is until she meets Bambang, the tapir that has strayed far from his Malaysian jungle. In these four short stories, Mango and Bambang go on fun adventures and learn to overcome their fears together. They go swimming when Bambang is homesick for his pond, escape from the eccentric neighbor Dr. Cynthia Prickle-Posset, and perform at a concert together. Through all their adventures, the best friends prove that Bambang is certainly not a pig at all, but something more special.