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Carl's Halloween


Cynthia Frazier


Outstanding, Toddler, Preschool, Alexandra Day, Picture Book, Dogs, Halloween, Trick-Or-Treat, Party, Costumes

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Book Review


Carl’s Halloween is the newest in a series of picture books about Carl the Rottweiler and his friend Madeleine. It is Halloween night, Madeleine’s mother has to go help Grandma and leaves the child and dog to pass out candy to the trick or treaters. Madeleine, who is a toddler, and Carl decide that they want to join the Halloween fun, so Madeleine puts on a fancy hat, and drapes one of Mother’s necklaces around Carl’s neck. They set off out the door, Carl carrying Madeleine on his back and a basket for goodies in his mouth. They have a glorious time going from house to house with the other ghosts and goblins. They join the fun at one house and play some traditional Halloween games. Then, and this often happens in the Carl books, they rush home just before Mother comes through the door.