Cynthia Frazier


Excellent, Toddler, Preschool, Rebecca Ashdown, Penguins, Bucket, Blocks, Sandcastles, Slides, Sharing, Picture Book

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Book Review


On Flo’s first day of preschool she arrives with her red bucket full of fish for her lunch. She meets Bob who is pulling a train. After painting a picture, she notices that her lunch is there but her bucket is gone. She looks all around for her red bucket walking right past Bob who has a red bucket on his head for a hat. Next she sees that Bob is building a block tower but doesn’t notice that he is standing on a red bucket. She then sees some bucket shaped sand castles and listens to Bob playing with a red bucket drum. Finally Flo finds her bucket at the bottom of the slide and realizes that Bob is stuck at the top. Flo fills her bucket with water and she and Bob have fun sliding down the watery slide. Bob goes home with the bucket on his head and Flo goes home with the train.