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Tessa McMillan


Outstanding, Young Adult, Nicole Castroman, Blackbeard, Pirates, Love, Romance

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Book Review


For five months Anne has been surviving servitude to the rich shipping merchant, Master Drummond. However, Anne secretly plans to escape to the West Indies—the location where Anne’s English father and her West Indian mother fell in love. Anne’s goal is sidetracked when she meets Master Drummond’s son, Edward “Teach”. Teach, freshly returned from a year at sea, is immediately drawn to Anne because of her strength, intelligence, and beauty. Teach offers her friendship, but she hesitates because he is engaged. As time goes by, the pair cannot deny they have met their match in one another. Teach decides to end his engagement, but his intended bride and Teach’s father refuse Teach’s decision. It isn’t until Anne reveals that Teach’s fiancé is pregnant by another man that the engagement ends. But when Teach openly courts Anne, Master Drummond pays to send Anne away to comfortably live in the West Indies. Unfortunately, the people he paid to watch over Anne take the money and leave Anne abandoned on a boat. Teach secretly secures a position on one of his father’s ships to pursue Anne’s vessel.