Cynthia Frazier


Outstanding, Toddler, Preschool, Primary, Billy Steers, Harvest, Tractors, Pumpkins, Farms, Animals, Picture Book, Farmers, Fall

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Book Review


Life on a farm in the autumn is a busy time. The farm across the road from Stony Meadow is having its annual Pumpkin Picking Festival. Families come every year to pick out their pumpkins, ride on a hay wagon, guess the largest pumpkin’s weight, find their way through the maze, and eat yummy food. All of the animals on the farms are excited about the season also. But Mac and Small Fred, tractors on neighboring farms aren’t so excited. Small Fred is worried that pulling the heavy wagon full of pumpkins will be too much for him this year. Mac knows that his job of helping to harvest the apple crop will be uncomfortable as his exhaust stack will get caught on limbs, and his big tires tangled. Having apples falling off the trees onto him as he passes through the orchard is a sticky mess also. The tractors have to help each other out.