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Lisi Hong


Dependable, Young Adult, David Massey, Military & Wars, Romance, Afghanistan, Soldiers

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Book Review


Hours after arriving in Afghanistan on her first tour as a British medic, Elinor—or Ellie for short—saves a soldier’s life, upsets her superiors, and survives her first firefight. It would have been an ordinary day on the front line, if it weren’t for the fact that the sniper’s on the hill were not ordinary Taliban fighters—they were children. Resolved to bring justice to the Young Martyrs, the group fighting to avenge the deaths of their parents after their village was bombed by an American drone, Ellie, her unit, and some visiting American soldiers travel to the village to find the truth. Along the way, they uncover renegade Afghan soldiers, a Taliban warlord who infiltrated the Afghan government, and the plot that convinced the Americans to bomb the village. Ellie succeeds in bringing peace to the Young Martyrs, clears the American’s name, and returns to her home in England proud of who she became on the front lines in Afghanistan.