Article Title

Sword and Verse


Abigail Packard


Dependable, Young Adult, Kathy MacMillan, Writing, Reading, Romance, Slavery, Tutor, Myths

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Book Review


Raisa is Arnathian, and in a the country of Qilara that means she’s a slave. After watching her parents’ and brother’s brutal murder during a raid, Raisa escapes the same death by pretending that she is not the daughter of a Learned One (an Arthanian who can read and write; a blasphemy in a world where only Scholars of Qilara are allowed this ability). Instead, she is enslaved by the people of Qilara. After the treason and execution of the current tutor in training, Raisa is selected to be the next future tutor, an honor only allotted to two Arnathians at a time. She learns alongside Prince Mati, a young man with whom she forms a secret romance. Despite her feelings for Mati, she is approached by the Resistance—an underground group of Arnathian rebels—and she accepts the jobs they ask her to do. After a series of lies, betrayals, and close calls, Raisa, Mati, and the Resistance overthrow the monarchy and the corrupt priests by loosing the enslaved goddess, Sotia, who wreaks havoc upon the city in revenge. Raisa and Mati begin building a Qilara of equality and learning for all.