Liz Kazandzhy


Excellent, Primary, Intermediate, Thomas Macri, Mike Norton, Science Fiction, Action, Adventure, Superhero, Beginning Readers

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Book Review


With supervillains wreaking havoc wherever they go, there needs to be superheroes to stop them! And thankfully there are, as Thor keeps the peace on his own planet and several other heroes on Earth fighting the bad guys—Hulk with his awesome strength, Iron Man with his powerful blasts, and Ant-Man and Wasp with their special abilities. One day, Thor’s jealous brother Loki wants to fight Thor and draws him in by framing Hulk on Earth. The other superheroes rush to fight the Hulk, but Thor quickly steps in and tells them who the real culprit is. Together they not only defeat Loki, but a series of other supervillains, and decide to name their brilliant team the Avengers. Just when they thought they couldn’t get any more powerful, they come across Captain America, making the magnificent team complete!