Rebeca Wallin


Outstanding, Primary, Young Adult, Intermediate, Jeff Frank, John Maclay, Willy Porter, Nancy Drew, Mystery, Carolyn Keene, Theater For Young Audiences, Children's Theater, Detectives, Mildred Wirt-Benson

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Play Review


“When kidnapped, I am often reminded that a sack over your head, a gag in your mouth, or rope around your wrists are anything but fashionable.” Detective Nancy Drew offers this and many other pearls of wisdom to the audience throughout Nancy Drew and Her Biggest Case Ever. This mystery as per usual features hidden doorways, kidnapping, a questionable will, supposed ghosts, and cut phone lines. Nancy works to help two recently orphaned girls who have doubts about their new guardian who is appropriately mysterious and brooding. In the course of her sleuthing Nancy discovers a treasure map, an imposter, an escaped criminal, and survives a kidnapping and boat bomb all to deliver the girls to their rightful guardian and restore their lost property.