Whitney Troxel


Excellent, Primary, Intermediate, Vivian French, Angela Barrett, Kings, Queen, Princess, Gifts, Fairy Tale

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Book Review


A long time ago there was a king and queen who loved their daughter Lucia very much. They worried about finding a suitable husband for Lucia so they sent a message to Wise Old Angelo asking for advice. Angelo sends his grandson, Salvatore, with a message saying that whoever can show the king and queen the most wonderful thing in the world will be the proper husband for Lucia. The king and queen begin searching for suitors immediately. Each suitor brings spectacular things to the palace, but none of them are the most wonderful thing in the world. Meanwhile, Lucia asks Salvatore to show her around the city which she hadn’t had the chance to explore before. They slowly fall in love and Salvatore eventually presents Lucia before the king and queen as the most wonderful thing in the world. Lucia and Salvatore marry and become the most loved rulers of the kingdom.