Article Title

The Little School Bus


Stephany Nalley


Outstanding, Toddler, Preschool, Margery Cuyler, Bob Kolar, School Bus, School, Picture Book

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Book Review


Go on an adventurous school bus ride with the little school bus and the driver Bob. In this story, Bob is a school bus driver who picks up children to take them to school. He wakes up to start his day at 5 AM and picks up children of all kinds. The little school bus uses its stop sign as it picks up children waiting at their bus stop. While riding around, children sit, laugh, and talk. The little school bus also picks up Kate, a young girl on a wheelchair. After picking up all the children and sharing some rules, the little school bus and Bob safely drop the children off at school. The next day, they are unable to go on their bus route due to bad winter weather. The third day, the little school bus visits the mechanic to get a tune-up and taillight fixed. Once the little school bus is ready, it and driver Bob go back to doing their job.