Cynthia Frazier


Outstanding, Primary, Intermediate, Young Adult, Erin Entrada Kelly, Sisters, Family, Stepmother, Poverty, Immigrants, Friendship, Filipino Americans

Document Type

Book Review


This is a story of children, Sol and Ming, whose mother and sister dies in the Philippines. After moving to the United States, their father abandons them to their stepmother’s abusive care. Their neighborhood is a poor one; the park has no grass or playground and rats infest the walls of their four room apartment. Few people speak English and rarely do any ethnically diverse people speak to one another. Sol learns to cope with their hard situation by retelling and embellishing the bedtime stories her mother once told her about Auntie Jove who traveled the world having fantastic adventures. When these imaginative stories become all too real to her small sister, Sol has to do something to make the reality of their lives worth living. As Sol searches for ways to do this, she discovers that she isn’t alone, that there are people who care, that everyone has problems, and that there are glimmers of hope shining in the darkness.