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Abigail Packard


Outstanding, Preschool, Primary, Intermediate, Aaron Becker, Adventure, Drawing, Art, Colors, Friendship, Fantasy, Magic, No Words, Picture Book

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Book Review


A little girl in a big city just wants someone to spend some time with her, but her family members are all busy with their own activities. The girls discovers, amidst her bleak surroundings, a bright red crayon. But it is no ordinary crayon; it is a magical crayon that transports her into another world, full of color and far off places. She journeys through a forest, finds a castle-city, and follows a bright purple bird, all the while coloring bright red tools in the moment she needs them. The bird is captured by an evil emperor and his soldiers. The girl rescues the bird and is captured herself, but the bird in turn rescues her. The bird takes her to another magical door— similar to the red door she drew in order to enter the fantasyland—and she discovers a boy with a purple crayon and they become new friends, linked by their love of color and adventure.