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Journey #2: Quest


Abigail Packard


Outstanding, Preschool, Primary, Intermediate, Aaron Becker, Adventure, Fantasy, Colors, Friendship, Imagination, Drawing, No Words, Picture Book

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Book Review


Quest picks up where Journey left off: with the boy and the girl riding their magic-drawn bicycle down the street. But it begins to rain and they find cover under a bridge. Out of the blue, a door appears on the wall of the bridge and a king steps out handing them a map. He is dragged away by the evil emperor’s soldiers and he drops his orange crayon. The boy and girl follow them back through the door and begin a quest to find the other three magical crayons. They journey underwater to the ruins of a grand aquatic city, through a jungle to the ruins of another city, and through the sky an altar-like structure atop a snowy peak, each time narrowly escaping capture. Once they have each of the six crayons the purple bird draws a rainbow across the sky, blinding the enemy soldiers and saving the king and citizens of the castle-city.