Laura Trumbo


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Michelle Rohm McCann, Amelie Welden, Girl, Heroines, Girl Power, Feminism, Strong Women, Biography, Nonfiction, Change The World, Make A Difference

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Book Review


From painters to pilots, inventors to nurses, and poets to warriors, Girls Who Rocked the World by Michelle Rohm McCann and Amelie Welden is an inspiring, biographical collection of stories of young women from all over the globe who made a significant difference in their communities. Each chapter discusses the life of a new subject, usually one woman but there are a few chapters about sisters who made a difference together. Their stories begin with a textually dramatized account of a significant event in each woman's life. Typically the introductory story is about their inspiration, their why, and their launching point toward greatness. There is a wide variety of women, occupations, achievements, countries, and historical time periods presented. The book also incorporates contributions from contemporary young women who discuss their own stories and plans for "rocking the world" at the end of each biography.