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Nicole Gamez


Excellent, Preschool, Michael Hall, Crayon, Imagination, Picture Book

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Book Review


Frankencrayon is a hysterical and original story of a bunch of witty crayons. The first thing you notice is the red stamp that warns that the book has been "cancelled.” You are then greeted by a purple, green, and orange crayons, who are clearly surprised to see you there as the reader. Pencil steps in and starts to tell the story about how a mysterious RED scribble appeared and sabotaged the whole book! Therefore the big red CANCELED stamps are all over the book. The crayons tell the reader the story behind the cancellation: during a rehearsal for the book, the lights suddenly go out and when they return there is a red scribble that goes across the page. The cleaning crew then comes to try clean it up. However, the crayons “erasing” only makes things worse. Frankencrayon, who is made up of all the broken crayons, wasn't there when the lights went out so it doesn't know anything about the book has been canceled. Frankencrayon then sees the scribble and decides to help it out by give the scribble a mouth and legs so it can leave the book. The reader finally finds out who was responsible for the scribble and for the cancelation for the book