Tessa McMillan


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Brandon Mull, Fantasy, Action, Adventure

Document Type

Book Review


Leaving Constance in the safety of Zeropolis’s Unseen, Cole and his friends enter Necronum. At holy or haunted locations within the kingdom, the spirits of the dead (known as echoes) and the souls of the living (bright echoes) can traverse between reality and the afterlife (the echolands). Following clues from an echo named Sando, Cole’s party learns that Honor and Destiny are trapped within the echolands. However, Sando deceives Cole and imprisons Mira, Jace, and Joe’s bright echoes. Sando is a henchman to Nazeem, the evil originator and leader of the shapecrafting movement. With Hunter and Dalton watching over the comatose bodies of their three friends, Cole enters the echolands to rescue the three princesses, Jace, and Joe. Aided by many departed heroes and gifted shapers, Cole heals his shaping power, rescues the princesses and his friends, traps Nazeem in a temporary prison, and restores Destiny’s shaping ability. Dandalus, a shaper and creator of the Outskirts, transports the bright echoes of Cole and his friends back into their bodies.