Tessa McMillan


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Brandon Mull, Fantasy

Document Type

Book Review


After a rocky arrival into Zeropolis, Cole, Mira, Dalton, and Jace join the local Unseen resistance. But consistent persecutions force the Unseen to go deep for their safety. Once they meet Mira, their main objective is to find Constance. With Constance’s star missing, Unseen leaders convince Cole to travel to Junction City and contact Queen Harmony. When Cole meets with her, Harmony asks him to spy on Owandell, a conniving royal official who introduced shapecrafting to her husband. During a secret cult meeting, Cole realizes Owandell is more of a threat to the Five Kingdoms than the High Shaper. Cole reports back to Harmony and she replaces Constance’s star. On the way back to Zeropolis, Cole is abducted by the royal Enforcer, the Hunter. The Hunter is actually Cole’s forgotten older brother, Hunter, who came to the Outskirts two years before. After much convincing, the two boys accept each other and search for Constance. When they find her, they meet the super computer, Roxie, who has watched over Constance. But Roxie goes on a rampage destroying the city in the name of protecting Constance. In the end, Cole and Hunter drop a bomb on Roxie to destroy her and release Constance’s shaping ability.