Article Title

Crimson Bound


Whitney Troxel


Dependable, Young Adult, Rosamund Hodge, Little Red Riding Hood, Fantasy, Romance, Magic

Document Type

Book Review


The Devourer once ruled over Rachelle’s world with endless night. The Devourer and his Forest Born servants terrorized and killed all in their path, until Zisa and Tyr defeated him. But that was a long time ago and few people believe in the Devourer anymore. Even fewer believe that he’s coming back. Rachelle knows the stories are real, and fears what will happen if the Devourer is not destroyed once and for all. The problem is Rachelle is a bloodbound. She was marked by a Forest Born three years ago and will eventually turn into one. Even though she’s sworn service to the king she knows it’s only a matter of time before the darkness consumes her. Rachelle is desperate to find a way to defeat the Devourer, but the king has assigned her to protect one of his illegitimate sons, Armand, who has become a favorite of the people. Being a bodyguard severely limits Rachelle’s time to search for a weapon to use against the Devourer. At first she hates Armand for being in her way, but she slowly learns to trust him. Together they are able to defeat the Devourer and save the kingdom.