Article Title

Egg & Spoon


Tessa McMillan


Cannot Recommend, Young Adult, Gregory Maguire, Fantasy, Mistaken Identity, Russia

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Book Review


As life becomes increasingly desperate for Elena and her struggling community, an opulent train pulls into her disregarded Russian village. The train holds Ekaterina—or Cat—a young aristocratic girl who is heading to the Tsar’s palace. By accidental means the two girls switch places with Elena heading to St. Petersburg and Ekaterina unexpectedly meeting the witch, Baba Yaga. On their different journeys, the two girls finally confront each other at the Tsar’s palace. Elena is imprisoned for impersonating royalty, but Cat and Baba Yaga free Elena to help them find a resolution to a magical imbalance in their world. With the help of Baba Yaga’s magic, her chicken-legged cottage, and Elena’s intuition, they search the land for aids to bring balance back to Russia.