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When Jasmine comes to breakfast with her father, she finds the Sultan disappointed at the lack of his favorite breakfast foods. After Jasmine attempts to cheer him up, she goes to the market with Abu to investigate the situation, and they soon discover that there’s a real problem in Agrabah—there’s no fruit! When Jasmine returns to the palace to tell Aladdin about it, they find that Abu seems to have stolen a bunch of precious jewels from when he was in the market, but when they go back to find the owner, nobody claims to have lost anything. Perplexed, the trio head back to the palace, but Jasmine suggests they stop by the orchard on their way. They’re amazed to find that the entire orchard has been turned into jewels! They find a magical powder that the orchard keeper accidentally made and spread throughout the orchard, dispose of it in the desert, and then work together to make another powder to reverse the spell. In the end, the orchard returns to normal, and the Sultan (and everyone else) is once again satisfied with his fruit-filled breakfast.