Rebeca Wallin


Outstanding, Primary, Intermediate, David Furumoto, Plays for Young Audiences, Children's Theater, Kabuki Theatre, Japanese Fairy Tales, Japan

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Play Review


Kabuki Theatre comes to life in a child friendly way in this dramatized collection of fairy tales from Japan. The show’s opening introduces children to the elements of Kabuki; music, costumes, vocal use, stage assistants, and movement are succinctly but thoroughly explained and demonstrated. Classic fairy tales are then retold in that style. Momorato – The Peach Boy is the story of a boy born from a peach to a childless couple who then rids the village of the ogres that have been tyrannizing it. In The Story of Urashimataro, a kind fisherman is brought to the Dragon King under the sea for a four day festival but when he returns finds that 400 years have passed. Yuki Onna - The Snow Woman tells of the Snow Queen who becomes human for a short while. And finally, in Hanasaka Ji Ji – The Old Man Who Made The Trees Bloom, a couple’s loyal dog bring them honor and riches while he lives and after his death.