Excellent, Young Adult, Maggie Stiefvater, Romance, Fantasy, Werewolves

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Book Review


Los Angeles couldn’t be further away from Mercy Falls, Minnesota. Cole St. Clair, though he played an instrumental role in saving the werewolf pack there, is hitting the road, and sunny California is his goal. The official reason for his big move is his attempt to produce a new album, do a webshow, and break back into the rockstar world. His real reason, however, is going to prove a lot more difficult. Isabel Culpepper, former Ice Queen of Mercy Falls, now lives in LA with her mother, as her parents have now separated after the events of the original trilogy. Her past relationship with Cole, though often turbulent and rocky, forged a connection between them that neither is easily able to forget. Both Cole and Isabel have challenges to face, together and apart. Cole and his attempts to leave his partying past behind him and start a new future meets with some missteps, mostly brought on by his webshow sponsor, who wouldn’t mind watching him crash and burn if it meant more viewers. And Isabel just wants to find a place where she belongs, whether with Cole or without him, while her family breaks even further apart. Though the road is rough getting there, both find what they’re looking for in each other, and they meet their trials head on. In a flash-forward, we discover that both Cole and Isabel are well on their way to happiness, as Cole opens his own recording studio and Isabel graduates from medical school.