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Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Sneed B. Collard III, Tessa K. Collard, Nonfiction, Biography, Autobiography

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Sneed B. Collard III was born to biologist, Sneed B. Jr. and Patricia Collard. Naturally, Sneed was raised to love animals and be curious about his world. Unfortunately, his parents divorced when Sneed was in third grade. Sneed had a difficult time coping, especially when both parents married new spouses and moved to opposite coasts. For most of his childhood and into adolescence, Sneed’s life was split between living with his mother during the school year and visiting his father during the summer. Sneed treasured the summers with his dad as he helped with his father’s research or vacationed at unique locales with his dad and stepmother. Sneed wanted desperately to live most of the year with his dad and his father promised to make that happen. However, his father’s drinking habits caused him to become unreliable and short tempered at times. This shattered Sneed’s heroic views of his dad, but it also caused Sneed to forge unbreakable decisions about his life and future.