Natalia Kelley


Dependable, Toddler, Preschool, Gennifer Choldenko, Jack E. Davis, Bedtime, Monkey, Sleeplessness, Questions, Night Time

Document Type

Book Review


The story of Putting the Monkeys to Bed is in three phases. First, a loving mother follows a bedtime routine by reading a story to her son. She kisses him goodnight and leaves the room. That is when the chaos begins. Sam and his monkeys are not ready for bed so they bounce and jump and hop and play and sing. They have so much fun that they get in trouble. Then, Sam's mind begins to race with questions—random questions that keep his curious mind reeling. Finally, Sam realizes he is tired but his monkeys keep making mischief. Considering what his mother would do, Sam pulls out his book and begins to mimic the words he had heard his mother read to him. One by one, each monkey gets lured in and everyone is able to settle down for a comfortable nights rest.